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Line of Apsides review pic

Francesco Cazzin reviews Line of Apsides on his Cinema blog:


Paul Breschuk, “The 16th Media City: International Festival of Film and Video”, Senses of Cinema #56, Festival Reports, 10/2010

distance review

(click image for full review of program of films at The 16th Media City: International Film Festival 2010)


Shattered Realities: Films by Julie Murray

by Fred Camper   Chicago Reader 01/22/1998


Review of Mantilla (1991), Super 8, sound, 17 mins

The Poesis of Personal Experience by Bruce Stater 1998

screened in Big As Life, The Museum of Modern Art, a 76 program series co-curated by MoMA film curator Jytte Jensen and (formerly) SF Cinematheque director and film historian, Steve Anker.