Short Ends

Persian rugs, Pakistan

Persian rugs (from Pakistan) from julie murray on Vimeo.


nessun dorma, edwin s.
At the Kalona Horse Sales, Kalona, IA
Room 1
On the train (diesel engine type) to Cork City. Departing the station. Glounthaine á La Ciotat. Making it’s way along a regulation Iarnród Éireann fence before the open expanse and meandering oxbows of Cobh’s mud estuary. Only later did I notice the shutter/fence exchange. Hear the man on the train say “the flowers are all out, now”. There are wild roses in bloom growing along the fence. It put me in mind of the 1966 film All My Life by Bruce Baille and so I added and took away sound to reflect that idea. Music: “Strette” – Pierre Schaeffer ‎– Le Trièdre Fertile 1975 . La vie a 25 ans – Dani. 1974.
abbreviated video note on a long drive short trip east
Cobh, etc

A 16mm film postcard in fragments of East and West Cork mid 1990’s, discovered anew 2013. Sound/picture combination exists only here (for the moment).  The sound is Dublin’s electric commuter train on it’s way out to Howth. The carriage was empty for most of the journey that day. Automatic announcements broadcast in the carriage were on the blink, too, so even the robot seemed hesitant to break the silence, stopping mid sentence before naming the station we had just pulled into. Recorded 2009. Both brought together in 2013.


at LIFT, Toronto.


Picycling . Thoughts on revolution while bicycling
Pi is 3.14159265359, being the ratio of the circle’s circumference to its diameter.
Tau is ratio of the circumference to the radius , 2π. a revolutionary reconceptualizing of pi

Multi-projector workshop, the documenting footage then digitally filtered over and over.JAN 21 2012

Sound and picture sync, the new inevitable, put to use; a song accompanying all the looking.


A cardboard box with a pinhole in one end and a vellum window on the other onto which the pin-holed sun fluttering among the trees is projected. This edit is from 4 or 5 takes made on the day venus was to cross the sun’s path. As it turned out I got the date wrong, though it didn’t matter much since the image on the vellum was so indistinct there was no chance whatsoever venus could be seen in it’s passage. It was recorded with an iPod and is better watched small.

A percussive sunset….

camera used; Flip – first generationShuddering leaves and shadow lapse
camera used; Flip – first generationBlowing light, Ireland
camera used; Flip – first generation
 Infrastructural gestures defining essential mobility in the city. People are as likely to be riding up and down in an elevator as to be moving laterally in a bus, boat or train.

Camera used : Canon ZR11 mini-DV. Sound was from the footage as well as effects libraries.