Film/Video 2015 ……..

Untitled (time)
(2018)   35mm/video hybrid, sound, 16.5 mins

found 35mm movie film are pulled over a light box under the fixed gaze of video capture.  Movements of characters can be discerned through veils of apparent motion and their motivations artfully speculated upon.
An oblique tribute to Pere Portabella’s Vampir-Cuadecuc, narrative and plot in Untitled (time) are progressively subsumed in a switching and swaying abstraction to percussion rhythms crashed out on cymbals.

HDV, Sound, 10 mins

Speculative musical tensions in the resonant bodies of wind turbines
RADIUS (2017)
HDV sound 8 mins

Calculating the angle of awe at a gas station in rural Midwest.
HDV sound 9.5 mins
A body of water, the body of the sky and figures on ground, shored against one another in rhythms of waves abrading a field framed for a new anxiety.
THEIR (2015) 
DV sound, 5 mins
One continuous take showing microfilm model airplanes and their minders.


Untitled (earth) (2014) 
35mm/Video hybrid HDV sound 10 mins

A duet of film and video. The film image is unraveled and reassembled, filtered through video capture electronics. Hazy and melting slowly in a soft pink abstracts, but still recognizable, figures in landscapes emerge and pass through like ghosts.

Materia Medica (2015)
DV sound  4.5 mins
creating a materia auto-poem from the running of loupe and lens over old  desiccated microscope slides. Adding remedies of yore for common ailments.


Our eyes are armed, but we are strangers to the stars (2016) 
DV  sound 11 mins
A composition of scenes and sounds in a montage reflecting poetic and musical forms. The camera, a toy, records only in black with a crude plastic lens limiting pictorial detail, creating ample room for the mind’s eye to roam and query, or not, the nature of image, meaning and attachment.