REVENGE (2019)  5 mins,  sound

A synthesized VO reads a 1912 description of the Stuart Blackton 1909 motion picture, Princess Nicotine in among ambient sound fragments from Phone Call From a Stranger (1952).

PARTS & LABOUR  (2020)   23mins  sound

Scenes from a found roll of martial arts movie footage is unspooled past a video camera on a light table, stopping and starting to pick out parts of the narrative. The archly formal play of fights, betrayal, dishonour and ruined friendships is accompanied by ambient sounds of a city  going about its routine business outside.

UNTITLED (TIME) 2019   16mins  sound

Found 35mm movie film bits are pulled over a light box under the fixed gaze of video capture. Through veils of apparent motion, the movements of characters can be discerned and their motivations artfully speculated upon.

RADIANCE (2017)  8mins sound

Calculating the angle of awe at a gas station in rural Midwest.
UNTITLED (EARTH)  2016  10mins sound
SHORED AGAINST A RUIN  (2017)  10mins sound
A landscape portrait of lake and sky, of epic vastness, condensing a pervading anxiety conveyed through quotidian images of its use; boating, flying, beaching. The place where water meets land; the shore is shaped by the water and the waves are ruined by the contours of the land. It is the busiest of places, continuously working itself out.

Our eyes are armed, but we are strangers to the stars (2016)  11mins  sound

A composition of scenes and sounds in a montage reflecting poetic and musical forms. The camera, a toy, records only in black and white and fairly crudely at that. Its plastic lens softens and distorts pictorial detail, creating room for the mind’s eye to roam and query, or not, the nature of image, meaning and attachment.

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